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Trade Facebook - FB shares with crypto


Daily change

Low: 183.12 High: 186.15

Market info

Min traded quantity: 1

Full name: Facebook

Currency: USD

Margin: 5%

Stock exchange: United States of America

Trading hours (UTC)

Mon - Fri:
13:30 - 20:00


Facebook (FB.O), born in 2004, is a U.S.-based corporation operating the world's leading social networking platform. The website brings users together to communicate with one another, share opinions, photos, videos, links, promote businesses and more. On average, Facebook connects 1.18 billion active users daily. In addition to the social networking website, the company offers the Facebook mobile application, the mobile messaging application, Messenger and WhatsApp, and Instagram, a mobile application designed to share photos and videos.Facebook is a large-scale employer, with about 16,000 people in its US and international offices. It has been listed on NASDAQ since 2012.

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